New career centre turns succession planning on its head

Cornerstone’s robust suite of career management tools help organizations align employee career aspirations and development plans with strategic business imperatives

Leading learning and talent management software provider Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. today announced the launch of the Career Center, a new suite of robust career management tools designed to help organizations better engage, motivate and retain talented people while also empowering employees to take a more active role in managing their career within a company.  By aligning employee career aspirations and development plans with the strategic needs of the business, companies are able to maximize their current workforce and maintain valuable corporate knowledge. 

Turning succession planning on its head, the Career Center provides employees with a self-service, easy-to use, one-stop resource for all of their career management needs.  Features include tools for employees to proactively manage their career paths, as well as market their skills, interests and work preferences to managers and executives.  It also gives users the ability to identify skill gaps between current and desired job roles.  And in addition to creating long-term career paths, employees are able to align their development plans with their professional goals. 

When integrated with Cornerstone’s other platforms for learning and performance management, organizations can seamlessly assign training to close readiness gaps and align career paths with reviews and goals.  

“Succession planning is no longer just about senior executives, it is about talent readiness.  You need to understand the performance and potential of mid-level managers to ensure that you have real bench strength,” said Adam Miller, President and CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand.  “To keep the best people, you need to allow for talent mobility and career development.  Cornerstone’s tools not only empower managers to make good decisions, but also empower employees to manage their careers.” 

Part of Cornerstone’s succession management platform, Career Center features include:

  • Resumes:  Employees can create and manage detailed overviews of their professional experience and skills, and promote relevant accomplishments, such as awards, certifications, licenses, education and more. 

  • Career Preferences:  Users are encouraged to provide details about their professional interests, long-term goals, relocation preferences and other relevant information. 

  • Career Pathing:  Workers can automatically generate graphical career paths based on their current position and potential tracks within the company.  Detailed views of related positions highlight a specific job’s description, responsibilities, requirements and associated competencies, allowing users to view possible directions and define steps for success.  People also are able to identify any readiness gaps and dynamically generate a development plan to help them stay on track for advancement. 

  • Job Searching:  Employees can easily browse all job types – or search jobs and vacancies across an organization based on specific skills, preferences and roles – and compare it to their own profile.  Users also can express interest in a specific job, to be added to their Career Preferences.




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