7 out of 10 graduates not confident in 2011 jobs market

Following scenes of angry student protest over tuition fee increases at the end of 2010, there is more ill-feeling among graduates as they start 2011 with little confidence for their job prospects.

A poll of more than 600 users of graduate recruitment website Milkround.com has shown seven out of 10 are not confident of their prospects in the 2011 jobs market.

More than a quarter (28 percent) said they were not confident about their prospects while two fifths (41 percent) said they were not confident at all.

Just four percent said they were very confident of their prospects and 12 percent are confident.

Milkround.com spokesman Mike Barnard said: “It was a frustrating time for those looking to go to university when the tuition fee increases were debated at the end of last year, now with the start of 2011 current students are feeling the heat of finding work. January is always a time for thinking ahead, so finding a job is a key concern for university finalists and out-of-work graduates.

“Though the vast majority are not confident of their prospects, they can do a lot to boost their employment opportunities by staying positive, taking care when compiling applications and researching employers before heading to interviews. We’ve put together five application tips to help graduates get hired.”

Milkround.com Job Application Tips

  1. Research: there’s nothing worse than an uninformed interviewee – be sure you research any employer you seek to work at.

  2. Tailor your CV: recruiters will see through a generic CV and only want to know about your skills for the job.

  3. Follow up your application: checking your application arrived safely shows enthusiasm.

  4. Don’t be afraid to call: if you ever have a question, even to know when a recruitment decision will be made, pick up the phone – the answer could be vital.

  5. Get feedback: whether you’re hired or not, ask what appealed to the recruiter and what didn’t as it’ll help you when on your next application.

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