A year in the life

Age discrimination

Business partnering


Corporate social responsibility


Employment law

HR’s image



  • Raw emotion
    How does chief executive Philip Williamson of Nationwide get employees emotionally involved in the business?
  • Passion for people
    Why Mervyn Davies, group chief executive of Standard Chartered Bank, demands passion from his HR team.
  • One complete solution
    OCS chief executive Chris Cracknell believes HR is central to business strategy.
  • Order in the cathedral
    How has a former finance manager altered the HR practices at Canterbury Cathedral?
  • Horses for courses
    Novice HR director David Brown launched an HR department from scratch at The Sportsman.
  • Room for improvement
    Tough trading conditions have presented Alan Parker of Whitbread with big people management challenges.
  • Supplies and demand
    Ewan McCulloch, HR director at Staples, believes HR plays a central role in driving business success.
  • Reality bites
    What’s next for Jo Cameron, who appeared on The Apprentice?
  • The burgermeister
    McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook wants to redefine the chain’s employer brand.
  • Guess who…
    HR’s top 40 power players in 2006.

Performance management

 Public sector

Sectors under the spotlight

  • Coffee beings
    As one of the UK’s fastest-growing sectors, large coffee chains reveal their HR policies.
  • HR on the other side
    The major challenges faced by HR and training directors working in recruitment.
  • HR’s big gamble
    The UK’s first super-casinos are set to open in 2007. How will HR square up to the challenge?
  • Charity begins at home
    How has HR changed in thecharity sector?
  • The behaviour brigade
    Tackling anti-social behaviour is a tough job for Asbo officers in local authorities.

Talent management


Training and coaching

Trade secrets


Off the wall

HR’s not all about policies and procedures, as some of Personnel Today’s features have shown:

HR in practice

Personnel Today features frequent profiles of HR initiatives at different employers. Here are just a few:

  • All bar none
    How JD Wetherspoon prepared for the age discrimination law changes.
  • Come together
    After a series of acquisitions, how did BT’s Global Services arm integrate different corporate cultures and approaches?
  • Supply in demand
    A shipping and logistics company used training to make supply chain management interesting to jobseekers.
  • Happy talk
    How a staff communication programme helped boost morale at West Bromwich Building Society.
  • Courts marshall
    Discover how the ball boys and girls at Wimbledon learn their art.
  • The change gang
    Laying off staff was a daunting task for the Housing Corporation’s HR department.
  • Streamlining the Samaritans
    How the Samaritans streamlined its board of trustees.

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