Adult protection gets a boost

Online learning is being used to raise awareness of the issues and procedures required in the protection of vulnerable adults throughout South Wales.

The South Wales Adult Protection Forum (SWAP), responsible for co-ordinating policy and practice across several local authorities, is commissioning Learning Industries to develop an e-learning programme.

The system will help public sector staff recognise adult abuse, ensure they are aware of their own and their employer’s responsibilities, and respond to instances of abuse with the proper procedures.

“E-learning gives us the means to deliver this crucial training to over 100,000 public-sector employees throughout South Wales, a process that may otherwise take years to complete,” says Tony Clements, chair of the SWAP Forum.

“Furthermore, the package provides a consistent message to every employee, to ensure the quality of the training across a large number of agencies.”

The programme will be implemented within partner agencies across South Wales before the end of the year.

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