Amicus members of local government pension scheme vote to strike over retirement age change

About 16,000 members of Amicus are preparing to strike after they voted for action to defend local government pensions.

Amicus’ members who work in local authorities or who are members of the local government pension scheme have voted to strike over plans to raise their retirement ages.

Members are angry at the government’s plans to scrap the ‘Rule of 85’, which allows workers to retire at 60 without any detriment to their pension entitlement if their years of service and age together add up to 85 years.

John Allott, Amicus’ national officer for Local Authorities, said: “This is a resounding vote by our members to defend the pensions they have worked and saved for and it sends out a powerful message to the government – they are prepared to fight to protect their pension scheme benefits in order to stave off poverty in their retirement.”

Amicus local authority pension scheme members include clerical, technical and maintenance workers and those employed by private companies that have transferred out of local government control.

Members of Unison, the T&G, GMB, Napo and Ucatt are also being balloted to strike. The unions said action will be co-ordinated to cause maximum impact and disruption.

Results from the other ballots are expected early next week.

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