Asda to start recruitment process for former Netto stores

Asda’s Head of Resourcing, Vikki Gartside, said the supermarket giant will soon start its recruitment drive to fill the stores it bought from its rival Netto.

Around 1,000 new roles will be created as a result of Asda’s purchase of 200 Netto stores and recruitment will be carried out largely through its online recruitment system. It will also look to take on staff who worked for Netto and will look at applications it has received in the past to search out the best candidates.

Ms Gartside said that staff moving to Asda from Netto are likely to welcome the structure that will come with working for a much larger organisation. She explained, “Netto is very entrepreneurial – because of the leanness of their operation they have to be on their toes. There is a lot more structure and process to Asda … I think that is a more positive thing for the colleagues coming over.”

The recruitment process has been waiting to get underway for a while, as Asda has been anticipating the all-clear from the Office of Fair Trading. Asda now says that it will start recruitment immediately as the first of the new stores, which will be fully rebranded, will open this spring.

“The retail sector is a key source of jobs” believes Geoff Newman from online recruiter Recruitment Genius. “John Lewis have announced over 4,000 jobs will be created because of new stores opening, as well as Tesco which continues to expand at an alarming rate.

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