Asda workers can swap shifts to watch World Cup

Supermarket chain Asda will loosen its rules on flexible working during the World Cup in June and July to reduce the number of ‘sickies’ being recorded and to enable employees to take time off work and watch key matches.

Under the ‘Shift Swap’ scheme, employees from the boardroom to the shop floor will be able to rearrange their shifts around different games, provided they can find the appropriate level of cover.

An Asda spokeswoman told Personnel Today: “The only sickie that will be pulled this summer is World Cup fever. Our ‘Shift Swap’ scheme means our stores can bring a sub off the bench and take time off work to watch the World Cup matches that are important to them. Asda’s flexible approach has meant that during previous tournaments stores saw no increase in absenteeism by footy-mad colleagues.”

Four years ago, Asda ran the same scheme for the World Cup in Germany.

Other work-life balance benefits offered by the supermarket include ‘IVF Leave’ for those having fertility treatment and ‘Benidorm Leave’ for older workers seeking time off for winter sun.

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