ASIG achieves rapid ROI with Kronos Workforce Management solution

Airport Services International Group Limited (ASIG) has completed the implementation of Kronos Workforce Central to manage 850 employees within the company’s aircraft cleaning and refuelling divisions.

ASIG has replaced manual clock cards with Kronos Workforce Central and 4500 Touch ID biometric terminals to reduce the time taken to process payroll, improve the accuracy of holiday and absence data and give management more visibility to key employee information.

Following the acquisition of Boker Aeroclean in December 2004, ASIG inherited the task of manually processing an additional 550 clock cards each week.  Not only did this increase the workload of the payroll team, but due to the manual nature of the process, it led to problems associated with inaccurate holiday and absence data.

ASIG was also experiencing issues with fraudulent clocking linked to the manual clocking process. With a steady flow of new staff, many weekend and part-time workers and a huge airport site, keeping track of individual employees was difficult before Kronos and ASIG experienced some cases of staff clocking in and out for each other.

Kronos was selected following a thorough vendor search. Liz Copus, ASIG’s Grooming Payroll Manager said: “It was imperative for us to select a company that we trusted implicitly to make this work for us. We were impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the Kronos team and were completely confident that we had made the right decision before committing ourselves to the project.”

The Kronos implementation has provided ASIG with a number of benefits, including:

  • Weekly payroll saving of  up to 1%

  • 100% ROI in the first 12 months

  • Payroll signed off and complete within 1 day – previously took 32 hours per week.

  • Faster and more efficient management reporting

  • Consistency of pay rules across the organisation

  • Minimum payroll enquiries and all dealt with on site.

Commenting on the implementation phase, Anita Sidhu, Treasury and Payroll Manager said: “Kronos Momentum Methodology guided us through the implementation process with a structure that we could all understand and all points were documented so that they could correct any outstanding issues.’  She continues: ‘The Kronos team worked tirelessly to make sure we had absolutely everything covered off – they were so patient with us. Both teams worked really hard to make sure everything was watertight”.

ASIG has quickly seen the value of Kronos in the Boker Aeroclean segment of the business.  Now that Phase 1 is complete, ASIG is beginning the second part of the implementation into the fuelling side of the business, covering an additional 300-400 employees.  By the end of 2007, all employees across the business will be using Kronos.


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