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Elva Ainsworth

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Elva Ainsworth is CEO of Talent Innovations and author of Reboot Your Reputation: 11 Ways to Change Their Minds.

No-one can escape gender bias

8 Feb 2021

Leaders might feel as though they’re making progress on gender equality. But there are still innate biases and social dynamics...

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How working from home is levelling the playing field

22 Jun 2020

Home working and the absence of 'office power' has led to major cultural shifts that will benefit the goals of diversity and inclusion.

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Menopause support will boost boardroom diversity

2 Jul 2019

The menopause is a long under-recognised factor why companies are losing experienced, talented women.

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Why unbiased feedback is just an illusion

10 Jul 2018

With pressure on HR and managers to reduce bias and increase objectivity and transparency, how achievable is this? Elva Ainsworth...

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