Organisational psychology

Organisational psychology is the study of human behaviour in the workplace. Occupational psychology is particularly associated with: employers’ recruitment selection methods (for example, selecting someone who is the right psychological fit for the job); improving productivity (for example, staff motivation); and employees coping with stress.

Can we change workplace behaviour in just 21 days?

Encouraging employees to adapt their behaviour so they can progress professionally is a sensitive, challenging task. Dan Hughes from emotional...

Boardroom leadership is the key to lower employee stress

2 Nov 2017

Evidence shows that leadership style has a major impact on levels of employee stress. Juliette Alban-Metcalfe, an occupational psychologist and...

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Millennials: Is your employee experience relevant enough?

14 Jun 2017

There are hordes of clichés around millennial workers, but which attributes should your organisation keep front of mind when hiring ...

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Why has performance become a dirty word?

17 Nov 2016

The idea of “performance” in the workplace has become tied up with negativity, argues Matt Barker, director of consulting company...

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HR – Separating facts from fads

7 Sep 2016

PROMOTED | HR and L&D professionals are increasingly at the heart of key decisions over resource and projects that...

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The Digital Tribe: why it’s everyone, not just millennials (webinar)

24 Jun 2016

ON DEMAND | How we adapt to change is critical to our success. From the dawn of civilisation, humans have had to evolve in order to survive and thrive...

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Employee engagement in a negative culture: how to break down barriers

22 Jun 2016

Tapping into the workforce’s creativity and innovation is one way to engage employees at organisations where it is “trendy to...

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Acas chair Brendan Barber

Social media and employee voice: go with the flow or fight the tide?

17 May 2016

Social media appears to be the ideal platform for employers to harness employees’ voices, but many organisations are hesitant about...

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Fancy-dress days can create a sense of fun but how do they affect professionalism?

Play and professionalism at work: boosting engagement while maintaining standards

28 Jan 2016

ON DEMAND | If having more fun at work can help boost productivity, how can HR encourage the right amount of enjoyment in the organisation while maintaining professionalism?

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Performance management: the “six conditions” of high performance

16 Dec 2015

Traditional performance and the annual review have reached their sell-by date and it’s time employers followed leading organisations in ditching...

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How psychology can make homeworking succeed

13 Jun 2014

The pros and cons of remote working have been widely discussed in the media over the last few years. While...

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Behaviour engineering and the contemporary workplace

8 Nov 2012

Because of the acceleration in the rate of change across the business landscape, we now see major changes occurring within...

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Organisational culture influences employee wellbeing

3 May 2011

Workplace culture and job satisfaction have a big impact on wellbeing and absence. OH practitioners should address this, argues Anna...

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Friday podcast: it’s mainly men losing jobs; can HR be blamed for banks’ troubles; and Personnel Today launches its ditch the retirement age campaign

17 Oct 2008

Our weekly HR news and analysis audio programme includes:

98% of those losing their jobs in the three months to August...

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AUDIO – Occupational Health interviews Prof Coggon

23 Jan 2008

Prof Coggon, president of Faculty of Occupational Medicine, explains why occupational health practitioners need to be concerned with employees’ ill...

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