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Obesity in the workplace: To get this fat takes ages

10 Apr 2007

Why the age of the obese is just around the corner and coming to a workplace near you - whether you like it or not.

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Equality: Men are the main obstacle in the way of equality for women

13 Mar 2007

...but as James Brown added, "it wouldn't be nuthin' without a woman [doing all the work for less pay than men]".

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Why more employment legislation would be good news for business

13 Feb 2007

Forget the 'red tape is bad for business' mantra: employment law is good for you if only we could see the wood for the lawyers.

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Are employees businesses’ greatest asset, or just their cheapest?

16 Jan 2007

Until it accepts that people are not our greatest asset, the HR community will struggle to influence business leaders.

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Defra and Scottish Executive HR chiefs tackle past mistakes head-on to drive through radical change programmes

27 Oct 2006

Having the courage to admit when things have gone wrong is the key to driving change in the public sector....

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Scientist Susan Greenfield calls on politicians and HR to keep older people in work

26 Oct 2006

Scientist baroness Susan Greenfield has challenged the UK’s politicians to admit that working longer is good for you.
Greenfield told...

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