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Off message: Bullying at work

31 Mar 2009

As long as there is work there will be bullying – get used to it.

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Sir Fred Goodwin – slings and arrows: Off message

4 Mar 2009

With all the banks going into meltdown, it seems that Sir Fred Goodwin was the straw that broke the camel’s...

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Off message: In this life… one thing counts

23 Jan 2009

Does HR have lessons to learn from Dickens and Lionel Bart?

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Strictly come off the fence – the CIPD, John Sergeant and the BNP: off message

21 Nov 2008

John Sergeant, the BNP and the CIPD make unlikely bedfellows, but the former political editor's recent actions show the institute how to act.

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Off message: Dressing down for City bankers

17 Oct 2008

Their naked ambition nearly brought the world to its knees, so let's expose the shortcomings of the City's slackers.

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Off message – flash, bang, wallop!

18 Sep 2008

The CIPD seems to be taking business lessons from toothsome Sixties musical legend Tommy Steele.

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Sex, religion and discrimination – Off message: wrong about rights

4 Jul 2008

The Equality Bill is a good start but it cannot ensure equality for women without tackling the underlying cause of discrimination.

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Leadership training: horse whispering

12 Jun 2008

Is ‘horse whispering’ really a useful leadership tool, or a waste of time? Tony Pettengell investigates – video camera in...

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Blame culture: Off message – Whose fault is it anyway?

9 Jun 2008

Blame has got a bad name. But if HR wants to demonstrate its value, it really ought to start pointing...

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Mental health: Off message – No trace of nuts

22 May 2008

Warning: any member of the kneejerk brigade should have their hammers at the ready, and should begin tapping their patellas...

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Off message: Age and pensions timebombs exploded

13 May 2008

Age discrimination laws have had one beneficial side effect – they allow us to explode the pensions timebomb myth.In 1798,...

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Off message: Short-sighted shortlists

17 Apr 2008

The Spanish government has paraded its mostly female cabinet to great applause from around the world – the first European country...

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Off message: Lording it over the machines

4 Apr 2008

In a future workplace run by robots without any migrant labour, would there be a place for HR?

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Off message: New tools for the HR armoury

20 Mar 2008

Much has been written in the pages of Personnel Today about HR with oomph, and more often HR’s lack of...

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Off Message: The Brown ultimatum

10 Mar 2008

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things“Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages...

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