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Welfare to work gives HR the opportunity to shine

3 Mar 2008

After years of navel gazing, introspection and generally being roundly ignored by those at the top, it seems that HR’s...

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Off message: no laughing matter

25 Feb 2008

Despite operating in colour for several decades, the world of TV is still largely a black and white domain... minus the black.

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Off Message: For your eyes only

11 Feb 2008

What's the connection between HR and the paranoid world of spying? Well, it's not just the tight-fitting shorts...

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Off message: Primary school education gap hits skills drive

28 Jan 2008

All the talk of filling the skills gap, signing up to the Leitch skills pledge, the formation of the Commission...

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Everybody’s doing it – working many extra unpaid hours

14 Jan 2008

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as the old saying goes. Yet, according to TUC research...

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Off Message: would strict dress codes make a difference?

20 Nov 2007

Could stricter dress codes be the way to keep employees in line and employers out of the courts?

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Off message: Human resources can use statistics to prove anything

22 Oct 2007

Human resources can use many statistics to demonstrate return on investment. There are others that show that no-one is actually working…

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Equalities tsar needs to get his own house in order

1 Oct 2007

The job of persuading chief executives and other senior managers that diversity is an issue that should be embraced has...

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Devil’s advocate – Oomph heroes or zeros? Women must put themselves in the front-line

17 Sep 2007

It’s time to make your mind up. Is HR ever going to take the lead in changing the way we...

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Off message: New technology – the final frontier

21 Aug 2007

Has the internet sparked a software revolution that will lead to HR jobs being pushed to the outer limits?Predicting the...

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Smoking ban could be a real drag

3 Jul 2007

Banning smoking may seem like a good idea, but it could create a toxic cloud of new problems, some predictable, others less so.

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Johnson set on collision course over skills crisis

26 Jun 2007

Everyone admits the UK has a skills crisis, as demonstrated by the reams of print dedicated to the subject. But...

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Apocalypse now: Why extending religious discrimination laws to include personal philosophies exposes the flaws in protecting beliefs

5 Jun 2007

Extending religious discrimination laws to include personal philosophies exposes the flaws in having protection for beliefs.

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Use your HR skills to put basic training on the agenda

15 May 2007

Employers are calling on the government to clarify the content of the ‘pledge’ that they will be required to sign...

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Why positive discrimination is a positively stupid idea

8 May 2007

Positive discrimination is a positively stupid idea, and would only breed resentment.

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