Barnes Kavelle launches new HR service

Barnes Kavelle, one of the UK’s leading executive search and selection consultancies, has launched a human resource consultancy service to help companies improve their people and profit performance during the current economic crisis.

The service will include advice about making the right recruitment decisions, inducting new staff and optimising existing staff performances. It will also help with redundancies and ensuring companies understand and adhere to ever increasing employment legislation.  

The new division, headed by experienced HR professional Ruth Eden, will provide guidance to both SMEs and multinationals.

Commenting on the new service, Ruth said, “An increasing number of businesses are recognising the value of effective HR management, be it minimising the associated risks of taking on board new people, managing change that impacts on employees, or simply improving current performance by getting the most out of your workforce.

“We are in a great position to help businesses. By drawing upon our wealth of experience and expertise, companies are able to access invaluable advice on the best ways to develop their own cost-effective, sustainable HR practices to drive business performance. Quite simply, we are ensuring they make the best return on their most important asset – their people.”

The consultancy service moves businesses away from the traditional route of identifying a need or a gap in their workforce and then relying solely on in-house HR or agencies to select and recommend a placement. Instead, it gives businesses the opportunity to evaluate current HR strategies, their people and how they can attract, engage and retain the best talent available.

Ruth continued, “Whilst recruitment agencies may still be an appropriate and justifiable cost amongst the more senior level roles in the organisation, businesses should develop their own infrastructure and capability to manage other resource priorities, potentially reaping massive long term benefits. Learning how to recognise the people with the right skills and expertise means you can manage change and recruit in line with both short term and long term business objectives, whether it’s through external resourcing, interim management or developing future leaders within your organisation.”

The 15 strong consultancy team will be based across the country under the guidance of Ruth, who has herself overseen numerous HR projects in companies including Selfridges, BAA and Easyjet. The team will be working with businesses of all sizes, from those looking to implement a brand new HR strategy through to large corporations managing change and restructuring.

For more information, contact Ruth on 01274 854200 or visit



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