Benefit to UK economy from migrant workers is minimal, says right-wing think-tank

Immigrants have brought a benefit to the UK economy, a report has confirmed – but it works out at just 4p per week for each native inhabitant.

An analysis of a series of reports about the economic impact of immigration has led right-wing think-tank Migrationwatch to conclude that the economic value of immigration is slight.

Its chairman, Sir Andrew Green, said: “Of course many immigrants make a useful contribution to the economy, but taken in total the economic benefit is, at best, marginal.”

He added that downsides of immigration included pressure on transport, housing, health and schools, as well as an increasing impact on employment and added strains on community cohesion.

“The government seeks to present the record immigration levels as being nothing but good news for the host community as a means of deflecting attention from some of the many problems it is causing, and to neutralise the deep public disquiet they know is out there,” he said.

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