Big Brother row raises relevant points for work discussion


I was interested to read the ‘have a rant’ column concerning how much time people at work are ‘wasting’ talking about Celebrity Big Brother (Personnel Today, 16 January).

The writer does concede that there is a positive side to the discussions, namely seeing the benefits of teamwork.

The conversations I have heard on the train and at work concern topics also discussed in the media – relating to race discrimination, harassment and bullying.

I think it is encouraging to observe members of staff discussing this kind of behaviour and seeing how destructive it is in any group environment. Seeing and talking about inappropriate personal conduct in an open forum allows people to recognise that some kinds of behaviour are uncomfortable and unpleasant for others, and unacceptable in today’s world.

Surely this can only be a good thing?

Angela Melia
Senior HR adviser, Berwin Leighton Paisner

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