Board level change needed to create more innovative companies

One board member in five should be replaced in order to create a more innovative company culture, according to a survey of HR leaders.

The international survey of HR decision makers, by Alexander Mann Solutions, also found that one middle manager in eight and one graduate recruit in 10 would need to be replaced for businesses to move forward successfully.

Recruitment was identified as a key element in creating an innovative culture, with one-third of respondents identifying it as driving this process and more than half considering it as enabling it.

Rosaleen Blair, chief executive and founder of Alexander Mann Solutions, commented: “If HR is to help drive this culture of innovation, we will need to see organisations taking a genuinely strategic approach to talent, moving away from process-driven, production-line-style recruitment and prioritising bringing in the very brightest and best over the long-term.”

Despite the recession creating a tough climate for businesses, three-quarters of HR leaders believe that the economic crisis is forcing them to be innovative in all parts of the company.

Confidence in recruitment is higher in companies that do so globally, with 56% expecting a rise in staff numbers, compared to 38% in companies where strategy is set regionally.

Richard Donkin, author of The Future of Work and contributor to the report, said: “The temptation is to look at a vacancy and match a candidate to the position that needs to be filled. However, recruiting is no longer that simple, not if companies are serious – as this report says they are – about finding people with truly innovative talents.”

The Future Fit Recruitment Report surveyed HR decision-makers from enterprises with 1,000 or more employees in the UK, Asia-Pacific and US.

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