Britannia Building Society sets up learning academy for top managers

Britannia Building Society has launched a learning academy with the aim of giving managers the attitude, skills and tools to guarantee future success.

The academy will serve the company’s top 1,000 managers, eventually delivering up to 40 separate learning programmes.

“It was absolutely critical that we adopted a joined-up approach to learning, built around the customer and built to last,” said Andy Woodcock, Britannia’s programme manager for the academy.

“It’s not just about helping our current managers perform better; it’s also about developing the next generation of management, capable of keeping the society at the top.”

The academy was developed in conjunction with change consultants Minerva.

Andy Loveless, business development director at Minerva, said: “The talent pool is shrinking, competition for good people in the financial services industry is fierce, and as a result we’re working with Britannia to support different thinking when it comes the development of their managers.”

All Britannia managers will be graded against three levels of proficiency: entry level, practitioner and expert.

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