Call for UK talent to fill skills gaps in India

UK call centre workers and graduates are being recruited to fill skills gaps at call centres in India, according to newspaper reports.

The Financial Times reports that Launch Offshore – a UK recruitment consultancy -0 has been established to help Indian companies serving the UK market cope with language and cultural differences, and to provide management and training skills.

Wages of 11,000-30,000 rupees a month – about £140 to £375 – are low, but accommodation is provided and the cost of living is five times lower than in the UK, said Tim Bond, Launch Offshore’s founder.

David Fleming, a national officer at the trade union Amicus, which has criticised the moving of call centre jobs to India, said: “Evidence is mounting against the proponents of offshoring who have been shouting from the rooftops about the never-ending supply of cheap, educated English speakers in India.”

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