Calx Europe introduces innovative approach to talent acquisition

Calx Europe has redesigned the cost structure involved in Executive Search & Selection to ensure successful recruiting is rewarded and poor recruiting is penalised.

Many firms are frustrated by the lack of ‘skin in the game’ by recruiters: “The single biggest frustration of any HR executive or recruiting manager is having to pay full recruitment rates for employees that turn out to be not successful”, says Nigel Dunn, Principal at Calx Europe.

“So I have developed a new approach. I charge a basic fee to handle the assignments, then I get a win bonus at each quarter for the first 12 months dependent on a) the placed candidate remains at the client and b) they have achieved at minimum agreed percentage of their agreed objectives. This encourages me to work that much harder to find not just someone who can do the job for my client but one who has the right aptitude to succeed and add long term, sustainable added value to my client’s company.”

“This is performance based recruiting,” says Dunn. “It places incentives on both parties to get the process right and find high performers only. I specialise in finding senior executives and salespeople only so this has direct measurement and it fosters a true partnership between me and my clients as I have ‘skin in the game’.”

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