Gender pay gap: Carlsberg pays women more than men

Carlsberg paid women on average 3.3% more than men in 2017, despite there being an under-representation of women in its more senior roles.

According to its gender pay gap report, Carlsberg had a negative median gender pay gap when the figures for its two businesses – logistics, production and procurement division Carlsberg Supply Company UK and parent Carlsberg UK – were combined.

Carlsberg Supply Company UK had a -1.5% negative median pay gap between male and female hourly pay.

Carlsberg UK CEO Julian Momen said: “When the calculation is split between the two companies, we can see different results and identify areas where we have under-representation of men and under-representation of women.

“For example, we have an under-representation of women in senior roles, brewery production and sales roles and under-representation of men in junior roles and contact centre roles.”

He explained that men traditionally worked in beer production, while women mostly worked in its contact centre.

Women at both divisions were more likely to get a bonus than men, creating an overall negative median bonus gap of -41.9%.

At Carlsberg Supply Company UK, 90.6% of women received a bonus in the year to 5 April 2017, compared with 85% of men, with a median bonus gap of 10.1%.

At Carlsberg UK, 91.9% of women received bonus pay, compared with 85% of men. It had a median bonus gap of 56.9%.

Momen said Carlsberg was gathering data and considering why it had an under-representation of men and women in certain areas.

“We have created a gender pay gap working party, which will lead employee surveys and discussion forums.

“Once clear, we will decide on an appropriate action plan to address and improve the imbalances and ensure we have no gender bias,” he said.

Carlsberg is not the only employer to have a negative gender pay gap. At the time of writing, 278 employers had published gender pay figures that showed they paid women on average more than men.

These included:

  • Vehicle rental firm Europcar Group UK, which had a -26.4% gender pay gap;
  • Pet food producer Nestle Purina Pet Care (UK), which paid women 21% more than men;
  • Kwik-Fit (GB), which had a -15.2% median pay gap, and;
  • Walkers Snacks (Distribution), the food manufacturer’s logistics business, which paid female staff 12.9% more than men.

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