Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap reporting legislation requires large employers to publish their overall mean and median gender pay gaps from 2018. Under the new laws, private and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more employees have to calculate their gender pay gap on 5 April each year, publishing their data on the Government’s gender pay gap reporting service by 4 April the following year. For public sector organisations, the snapshot date is 31 March, so the data has to be published no later than 30 March the following year.

Hampton-Alexander review: Final report shows female directors up by 50%

The number of female directors in FTSE 100 companies has increased by 50% in the last five years, according to the Hampton-Alexander review.

Gender pay gap enforcement delayed for another six months

23 Feb 2021

Enforcement of the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations will not resume until October, the government’s equality watchdog has said.

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Pressure mounts on ministers to reinstate gender pay gap reporting

10 Feb 2021

Calls are growing for the government to confirm whether employers will need to report their 2020/21 gender pay gap figures.

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Meetings ‘drag on’ if women are involved, says Japan’s Olympics chief

4 Feb 2021

Former Japanese prime minister Yoshiro Mori has apologised for denigrating women with sexist remarks.

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KMPG partner pay cut by 11% as it sets out hybrid working plan

3 Feb 2021

KPMG has cut the pay of its UK partners by 11% and is rethinking its office estate as it focuses...

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Google to pay $3.8m for discriminating against thousands

2 Feb 2021

The US Department of Labor has reached a settlement with Google to resolve allegations of systemic gender and race discrimination.

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Liz Truss criticises Equality Act’s focus on protected characteristics

17 Dec 2020

Addressing inequality geographically and on an individual basis far more valid than using race, religion or other protected characteristics, says Truss.

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Gender pay gaps rise at seven Whitehall departments – including equality

17 Dec 2020

Government departments released figures this week showing that gender pay gap has grown in seven of the 17 main Whitehall departments.

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Ireland: Four changes for HR and payroll teams in 2021

8 Dec 2020

As HR and payroll teams in the Republic of Ireland prepare for the new tax year, Personnel Today looks at...

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Will the pandemic trigger more transparency on pay?

3 Dec 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered employers’ relationships with their workers in a number of ways, with increased trust and honesty...

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Equal Pay Day: pandemic put gender equality at a crossroads

20 Nov 2020

The UK has arrived at a crossroads at which progress in gender equality could either be set back decades, or...

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Zurich sees female applications leap after altering senior job advert wording

17 Nov 2020

The number of women applying for senior roles at Zurich in the UK leapt by a fifth last year after...

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Boardrooms now more meritocratic and diverse, study suggests

16 Nov 2020

Evidence shows that FTSE100 boardrooms are becoming more diverse and meritocratic, a study published today has claimed, with less reliance...

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BBC equal pay findings come under fire

12 Nov 2020

EHRC says it was looking at overarching systems, not individual cases, as journalists rounded on its judgment the BBC had been lawful on pay.

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BBC cleared of breaking the law over women’s pay

12 Nov 2020

An investigation into equal pay at the BBC has found no evidence of unlawful acts of pay discrimination against women.

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