Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap reporting legislation requires large employers to publish their overall mean and median gender pay gaps from 2018. Under the new laws, private and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more employees have to calculate their gender pay gap on 5 April each year, publishing their data on the Government’s gender pay gap reporting service by 4 April the following year. For public sector organisations, the snapshot date is 31 March, so the data has to be published no later than 30 March the following year.

tesco equal pay

Tesco report was not a valid job evaluation study, tribunal finds

The campaign to gain equal pay for up to half a million supermarket workers received a setback yesterday at an employment tribunal.

Hospitality and tourism must challenge ‘patriarchal’ culture

14 Oct 2020

The hospitality and tourism sectors need to challenge their ‘patriarchal’ culture and foster open discussion on gender-related issues if they...

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CMI chief: Return to office could create two-tier workforce

14 Sep 2020

Pushing people back into the office risks creating a two-tier system where ‘white middle-aged males’ are making important decisions, Chartered...

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Take-up of shared parental leave still ‘exceptionally low’

7 Sep 2020

Although the use of shared parental leave increased by 23 percentage points last year only 13,100 couples applied to use the scheme.

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UK banks increase number of female board members

18 Aug 2020

The proportion of women employed on the boards of banks in the UK has risen 9% since 2015, compared with a 2% increase in Europe.

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How PR is the missing link in recruitment media

29 Jul 2020

Black Lives Matter, gender diversity, workplace culture. The way employers communicate about these issues matters more than ever. James Clench,...

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Bias behind failure to select women for FTSE boards revealed

3 Jul 2020

Flawed selection procedures and entrenched bias are combining to minimise the numbers of women on FTSE company boards...

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Personnel Today Awards 2020: entry deadline extension available

29 May 2020

With just one week left until the original deadline, we announce that organisations can apply for a two-week extension to...

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Just half of employers publish 2018-19 gender pay gap

29 May 2020

Only half of businesses chose to publish their gender pay gap reports for the year ending April 2019 – a...

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Lockdown pressures on mothers could stall gender pay gap progress

27 May 2020

Childcare pressures and a reduction in paid working hours brought about by the lockdown could risk reversing some of the...

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Unpaid work means women underpaid by £126bn

9 Apr 2020

Unpaid work such as childcare, cooking and cleaning means the gender pay gap is much higher than official figures, according...

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April 2020 employment law changes: eight tasks for HR

6 Apr 2020

Each April, HR professionals must ensure that their organisation complies with the latest round of amended employment laws and deadlines....

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Gender pay gap reporting enforcement suspended this year

24 Mar 2020

Enforcement of the gender pay gap reporting requirements has been suspended this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Government...

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Gender pay inequality increases in financial services

9 Mar 2020

HSBC has reported the widest median hourly gender pay gap among financial services companies to report so far.

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TUC: Women work for free for two months a year

4 Mar 2020

Women work for free for two months of the year as a result of gender pay inequality, according to the...

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