Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap reporting legislation requires large employers to publish their overall mean and median gender pay gaps from 2018. Under the new laws, private and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more employees have to calculate their gender pay gap on 5 April each year, publishing their data on the Government’s gender pay gap reporting service by 4 April the following year.

For public sector organisations, the snapshot date is 31 March. Subsequent years’ data has to be published at intervals of not greater than one year beginning with the date of last publication.

Top five retailers take action to reduce gender pay gap

The UK’s top five retailers are making strides to reduce their gender pay gap, but there is still a way...

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Media organisations vow to narrow gender pay gap

12 Apr 2018

Much of the furore over the gender pay gap has concerned the messenger itself, with the BBC, as a public...

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Which were the sectors with the smallest gender pay gap?

11 Apr 2018

Construction and the finance industries have been revealed as having the widest gender pay gaps, but the identity of some...

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Diverse meeting in office

How to use neuroscience to tackle unconscious bias

10 Apr 2018

Testing for instinctive prejudices in the workplace is a controversial area. But an approach based on the functioning of the...

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women female construction workers

Top construction firms look to narrow gender pay gap

9 Apr 2018

The UK’s five leading construction companies by turnover have used the publication of their gender pay gaps to highlight initiatives...

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How to maintain company culture in an era of flexible work

9 Apr 2018

If businesses are to accept the benefits of flexibility recommended by the Taylor Review, they need to be aware of...

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Gender pay gap reporting: What should employers do next?

6 Apr 2018

With the deadline now behind us for gender pay gap reporting, it’s not time for employers to file the paperwork...

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Gender pay gap: eight in 10 employers paid men more than women

5 Apr 2018

As the deadline for both private and public sector employers to report their gender pay gap passed, almost eight in...

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Improving your gender pay gap – delivering diversity in leadership teams (webinar)

5 Apr 2018

Register now for this free Personnel Today webinar on 25 April 2018...

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Companies still to report as gender pay gap reporting deadline looms

4 Apr 2018

Private and voluntary sector companies with more than 250 employees have until midnight tonight to submit details of their gender...

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MPs launch #PayMeToo campaign as public sector gender pay gap deadline passes

3 Apr 2018

Nine out of 10 public sector organisations paid men more than women in 2017, figures have revealed, as the deadline...

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April 2018 employment law changes: Six key tasks for HR

26 Mar 2018

April is always a busy time of year for HR, with new and amended employment laws taking effect. In April 2018, large employers face their first gender pay...

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Employers told they could face unlimited fines if they miss gender pay deadline

26 Mar 2018

With 10 days to go until the gender pay gap reporting deadline, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has...

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PwC logo on plinth london

PwC and KPMG release updated gender pay gap figures

23 Mar 2018

The two remaining ‘big four’ accountancy firms have released pay gap figures after Deloitte and EY announced theirs earlier this...

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Jordan Peterson

Gender equality: ‘Men and women are not the same and won’t be’

13 Mar 2018

Jordan Peterson has HR in his crosshairs with his strident criticism of efforts to close the gender pay gap and...

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