Carval e-payslips Deliver Green Costs Savings

New solution cuts the paper trail and boosts efficiency

Leading, integrated HR and Payroll software company Carval has launched a cost-saving and green alternative to the traditional paper payslip as part of its acclaimed HR Unity range. HR Unity users are already able to allow employees browser-based, self-service access to current or archive payslips and P60s; wherever and whenever they need. However, with the new e-payslips module installed, users of Carval’s secure HMRC Payroll Standard and Pensioner Standard accredited payroll system can now schedule the automatic email distribution of free-format .pdf payslips to all or selected employees, subject to the relevant permissions. This eliminates the costs and time involved in producing and sending costly and environmentally wasteful paper payslips.

Carval’s HR Unity suite which combines HR, Payroll and Time Management systems into a single, integrated SQL database is specifically designed to deliver significant savings in administration time and cost through advanced process automation and by eliminating duplicated data entry.

Carval’s Sales and Support Director, John Ovington is confident that the business and environmental case is clear noting, “Generating and distributing a paper payslip, each time an employee is paid, is not only costly in both financial and labour terms, but there is also a considerable environmental impact. If one contemplates the sheer quantities of paper and postage involved in delivering payslips, it really does make the case for changing the way organisations manage this function. Our research shows that employees, with access to the web, prefer this method too. Switching or migrating to Carval’s e-payslips will help organisations deliver on both their business and environmental objectives. It’s a win-win situation.”


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