Case study presentation at Softworld 2009

Wakefield & District Housing (WDH) are presenting a case study: how should we prepare for integrated HR & Payroll Software?

This session will highlight what internal resources to consider before and during their project to implement HR & Payroll Software.

The seminar will cover the following topics;

  • Building your business case

What were the overall benefits which was sought to achieve?
How authorisation was achieved for the budget and the overall project?
How cost saving analysis was completed to sell the monetary benefits to the business?

  • Selecting your supplier

What methodology was used to evaluate the HR software market place?
How WDH chose the Modules for their project based on their business case?
How WDH sourced proof that functionality was deliverable?

  • Preparing for your Project

How did WDH prepare for the Project – i.e. personnel involved, reviewing documentation, preparing data map from source to the Cascade HR data template, technical requirements.
Data Transfer resources – Data Review and Data Transfer, What did WDH have to do?
How important it is to understand how the technology works – i.e. does IT have to support it and How much up-front input will be required from IT?
How the organisation as a whole was prepared for the new functionality?

  • Rolling out module by module

Details all of the information discussed in Project Initiation meeting are translated into a project plan
How quickly were WDH using functionality?
What was the order of implementation and did WDH meet internal and external timescales?
How easy/difficult was the work which had to take place internally to ensure success, in particular meeting the Payroll implementation.

  • Benefits gained

How WDH measure success?
What was the overall feedback?
Is the solution easy to use?
Did WDH meet the needs of the business case?

  • Future plans

What do WDH want to achieve next with their HR & Payroll solution?

When is this seminar?
13.30 – 14.15 Tuesday 13th October 2009

Where is the seminar?
Softworld Exhibition, Olympia London



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