ChatLive with Department for Work and Pensions Minister at prospects

Graduate Prospects is inviting businesses to join Department for Work and Pensions Minister Bill McKenzie and take part in Prospects ChatLive Week as it extends the registration deadline.

Prospects ChatLive Week, sponsored by BPP Business School starts on Monday 8 June and companies now have until Friday 29 May 2009 to book an hour-long moderated group chat with students and graduates seeking employment.

Businesses of all sizes and sectors can register for day one, which will kick-off with Lord McKenzie’s chat, “so… you think you’re too young to have a pension.” Tuesday will be dedicated to the law, banking and business markets; Wednesday to postgraduate study; Thursday to public, voluntary and education sectors; and Friday to IT, engineering, science and technology.

Department for Work and Pensions Minister Lord McKenzie comments: “This chat is a chance to encourage young people to see pensions as relevant to them as they enter the world of work, rather than something for later. Pensions can be the second most valuable perk offered by an employer after salary but are too often overlooked.”

Chatlive product manager, Andy Stevens adds: “We already have a good mix of both large and smaller companies taking part including Kent County Council and Study Overseas. It’s great to see the Minister joining them and supporting the thousands of job hunting students and graduates out there.”

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