Clamping down on modern-day Turpins

Last week, Personnel Today revealed that the government was warming to the idea of holding executives responsible for negligence leading to deaths at work.

As a general rule, Guru backs the people at the top because he knows which side his bread is buttered, but one area of skulduggery has got him right behind any effort to send directors to jail.

The UK’s worst clamper has been identified by the RAC Foundation. The managing director of a large wheel-clamping company was picked out by UK motorists after a national search by the RAC Foundation to find the clamper most unpopular with the public.

The winner, Costas Constantinou, whose company Vehicle Clamping Securities (VCS) operates throughout London, is the second recipient of the infamous ‘Dick Turpin’ award for being the modern day equivalent of a highway robber. The company charges 423 for clamping and towing away and 35 a day for storage.

One victim claims that when he protested to VCS employees about the 423 fee for return of his car, he was told: “If you don’t pay, I’ll break the windows of your car.”

The name of the corporate manslaughter Bill we mentioned earlier is the Safety (Directors Duties) Bill. Guru would like to moot his own: Safety (From The Clampers) Bill.

Instead of people dying and directors being inconvenienced by jail time, this Bill would turn the situation around. If your vehicle is ‘jailed’ by a clamper, which causes you inconvenience, the director of the clamping company would be dispatched forthwith in as humane a way as possible.

In keeping with the RAC campaign, Dick Turpin was hanged for his crimes. Just a suggestion, you understand…

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