Corporate social responsibility is more important than salary when choosing a job

Nearly half of young professionals would turn away from an employer that lacked good corporate social responsibility policies research has found.

More than one-third of respondents to a survey conducted by communications group BT said that working for a caring and responsible employer was more important than the salary they earned.

As many as 44% of respondents said they would discount an employer that had a bad reputation, while nearly half said corporate social responsibility policies should be compulsory.

One-third believe environmental considerations should be the most important topic on the company agenda, ahead of market innovation, flexible working, staff welfare and community investment.

A quarter of respondents believe business has the most influence on the future of the planet, second only to governments.

Alison Garner, corporate social responsibility communications manager at BT, said: “Young professionals are increasingly looking at corporate social responsibility when considering which companies and brands they might work for.

“Not only is it important to have a solid corporate social responsibility policy, but it is also increasingly important for companies to communicate what they are doing, as it is an area which can undoubtedly provide competitive advantage.”

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