Cut in public service targets welcomed by CIPD

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)  has welcomed the government’s decision to cut public service targets.

Up to 80 of the 110 Whitehall-imposed public service agreements imposed under Tony Blair’s reign could be slashed, according to reports.

Andy Burnham, chief secretary to the Treasury, told the Guardian: “If we get this right, the style of government will feel different. We want to give out a message of more trust in public bodies.”

The targets were seen as constraining and frustrating by many responsible for managing in the public sector.

CIPD employee relations adviser Mike Emmott said: “The reduction in the number of targets, and the increased emphasis on local discretion, is very welcome.

However, he warned that the government needed to put its money where its mouth is.

“The government needs to go further and invest adequate resources in training public sector managers to do a better job of managing their people,” he said.

“It makes business sense since, in order to succeed, organisations rely heavily on the contribution of their people.”

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