Cutting Edge Technology Improves Off-Site Employee Productivity

A revolutionary workforce management solution, which allows cleaning contractors to monitor the whereabouts of staff using a standard mobile phone, has been launched.

Auto Time Solutions, one of the UK’s leading providers of workforce management solutions, has joined forces with Kailaz Software to create one of the most comprehensive mobile-phone based time and job recording systems on the market. 

The partnership enables customers to enhance off-site employee time tracking by seamlessly integrating Kailaz’s MobiBiz mobile management solution with Auto Time’s Premium software. 

Monitoring time and attendance can be a real challenge for cleaning firms. Many contractors simply use paper-based written timesheets to track time and attendance but these are unreliable, laborious to produce and are often ridden with errors. 

Kailaz’s award-winning MobiBiz Solution offers remote workforce management capabilities that enable management to determine who is currently on the job at specific sites and to view maps that pinpoint workers’ exact locations. Employees simply clock in and out of work from a standard mobile phone, PDA or Blackberry. Once logged in, it wirelessly tracks the worker’s location while on site, allowing management to allocate jobs easily and take greater control of their staff. 

Not only that, the software enables managers to set a virtual perimeter – called a geofence – around each jobsite to monitor whether employees are within the perimeter when they clock in and out. 

Combined with Auto:time Premium software, management can accurately calculate hours worked, project payroll costs with greater accuracy, and receive email notifications should an employee arrive late for work or attempt to clock in from an false location. 

“We are delighted to add MobiBiz to our existing product range,” said Christian Berenger, Business Development Director at Auto Time. “The MobiBiz system goes far beyond any traditional time and attendance system and illustrates how Auto Time aims to provide our customers with the very best technology, systems, and services in order to address their business needs. The fact that it operates on standard mobile phones means it is a cost effective time management solution and offers an excellent return on investment.” 

“Nowadays many industries operate with mobile workforces and it can often be difficult to track the whereabouts of staff. Real time notification is a key benefit of the MobiBiz system as it not only allows maximum response time to absenteeism but also offers reassurance that staff are where they should be.” 

Sandeep Jain from Kailaz says: “Partnering with Auto Time is a natural fit for Kailaz. By integrating the two solutions, we have added a whole new level of information and reporting capabilities to our mobile workforce management system. This will allow companies to maximise efficiency and increase worker productivity throughout their organisations and overcome some of the challenges of managing a mobile workforce.”


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