CV-Library reveals its facts, a leading job site has unmasked some interesting statistics. Over the last 12 months over 7.9 million CVs were downloaded by a staggering 37,000 consultants that used its database, whilst a total of 3.3 million job applications were made.

The latest facts have emerged from CV-Library’s research into their recruiter activity occurring over the last 12 months. The job site has unveiled a new campaign to release factual statistics relating to the use of the job site. With a CV database nearing two million CVs, the site is in a position to gather enough data to asses and predict broad insights into the recruitment industry and discover any patterns that are potentially emerging.

CV-Library’s director Lee Biggins is backing the idea to release its facts to the industry, Lee commented: “we want to be completely transparent with our figures to show exactly how the industry is developing, whether it’s taking a positive step or turn for the worse.” The job site will be sharing its facts and shed some positive light into the recruitment industry.


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