Deadline looms for businesses to Chatlive with job-hungry graduates

Businesses have until 11 May 2009 to register to take part in Graduate Prospects’ Chatlive, offering an opportunity to engage with this year’s job-hungry graduates.

The five day initiative runs from Monday 8 June 2009 and enables companies to take part in hour-long moderated group chats with students and graduates seeking employment.

Businesses from all sectors can take part in Prospects Chatlive on Monday 8 June. Tuesday will be dedicated to the law, banking and business markets; Wednesday to postgraduate study; Thursday to public, voluntary and education sectors; and Friday to IT, engineering, science and technology.

Chatlive product manager, Andy Stevens explains: “Graduates can inject fresh ideas and enthusiasm into a company, attributes essential to survive the current climate. We hope that businesses are able to offer their time to engage with them, at a time when they are at their most anxious about their job prospects. It’s vital that we offer support and provide insight into current as well as potential future opportunities to keep communication channels open. Our Chatlive events offer a cost effective and time efficient way of doing this.”

Transcripts of each chat can be edited to include additional useful information and are available on for six months. More than 200 students took part in the Chatlive Week in January and its transcripts have received 6,000 visits to date. 



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