Draft plan for ‘super union’ gets under way

The formal creation of a ‘super union’ will shortly begin, with reports saying the three unions involved will write to members this week to seek their approval for the merger.

The merger of Amicus, the Transport & General Workers’ Union (T&G) and the GMB union is due to take place in January 2007, despite rumours that arguments over its structure and leadership could threaten the creation of the 2.6 million-strong body.

A draft plan has been created that outlines the make-up of the proposed body, according to the Times newspaper.

It will have 600,000 members in manufacturing, 500,000 in the public services, 250,000 in transport, 200,000 in the finance sector, 200,000 in the food and hospitality sector and 100,000 in energy and other sectors.

The draft document says that the union would aim to keep workers as members for life as they wouldn’t have to change unions when they change jobs.

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