D&W launches online employment ‘how to’ for 2009

Leading UK law firm Dundas & Wilson has launched a series of online employment law guides which will help steer employers through difficult issues in 2009.

The guides, titled ‘People Management in 2009’, will cover four key areas of employment law featuring video sections from partners, as well as slides, with supporting documentation accessible at any time.

Businesses can use the 25-minute sessions as team training modules, or they can be used by individuals at their desks. Each session is split into manageable bite-size sections to enhance the training experience.

Eilidh Wiseman, head of employment law at D&W, said: “The training is designed to make it as flexible as possible, so people can just cover 10 minutes at a time if that’s all they can spare.

“The complexities of certain parts of employment law are always felt more keenly in tougher conditions, where businesses may have to consider the size and shape of their workforces, and these guides are designed to give a brief overview of what HR directors and commercial managers need to consider next year.”

The training is split into four sections:

  • Pragmatic restructuring

  • Smart remuneration structures

  • Protecting business assets

  • Avoiding the courtroom: internal dispute resolution

Included in these sections are subjects such as practical alternatives to redundancy, planning collective redundancies, implementing effective remuneration structures, and exit management strategies.

Eilidh added: “The next year is likely to present significant challenges to many employers and they will have to be well-prepared to deal with the difficult issues which lie ahead.

“We’ve spent a lot of time in making sure the People Management in 2009 guides are to-the-point and practical, so they can be immediately applied to all sorts of commercial situations.”

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