Earnings survey shows where the money is in top graduate careers

A career in management consulting can earn employees a total of £155,000 by the time they are 25, research has revealed.

Supermarket giant Tesco surveyed the total earning potential of the UK’s workers by the time they reach 25 by analysing data on the government’s careers advice portal. Within the top-12 careers on offer to graduates, management consulting proved the most lucrative. Retail was second on the list, with employees typically earning £140,000 in total by the time they are 25.

The research follows a report earlier this month by the Association of Graduate Recruiters, warning that the median starting salary for graduates was frozen at the 2008 figure of £25,000. The AGR also predicted a 5.4% decrease in graduate vacancies in 2009.

Becoming a doctor (£40,333) or architect (£35,300) earned workers the least amount of money in total by the time they were 25 as qualifying in these disciplines can take up to seven years.

Hayley Tatum, UK operations personnel director at Tesco said: “We pride ourselves on providing competitive starting salaries and a fast-track programme that allows our graduates to move up the career ladder at a great pace.”

Top 12 jobs for graduates in order of total earnings by the time workers are 25.

  1. Management consultant £155,000
  2. Retail £140,000
  3. IT systems analyst £113,000
  4. Marketing executive £105,001
  5. Civil servant £101,458
  6. Accountant £99,000
  7. Teacher £80,218
  8. Structural engineer £74,480
  9. Solicitor £73,100
  10. Newspaper journalist £63,550
  11. Doctor £40,333
  12. Architect £35,300

Source: Tesco

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