Employees don’t rate appraisals

One in five employees have never had a performance appraisal and half of workers believe their last performance review was completely ineffective, research from Crone Corkill and FSS recruitment consultancies showed.

The average UK worker only has one performance review every two years and almost half (46%) of the 280 respondents said they had only had two appraisals in the last five years, the survey revealed.

Paul Marsh, head of HR and training at FSS and Crone Corkill said appraisals were vital for career development.

“An appraisal is used to serve a number of different purposes and should be designed to be mutually beneficial to both the employer and employee,” Marsh said.

“Not having one can lead to serious career development and retention issues.”

About 55% of respondents also said the appraisal the process had very little effect on their personal growth.

How to conduct a performance review


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