Employers say thank you via recognition schemes

Employers are using formal recognition schemes to reward employee performance, with almost two-thirds operating a formal scheme, according to research published today.

The survey of organisations, carried out by XpertHR, found 61% of respondents operate an employee recognition scheme. Half of those that currently do not said they are looking to introduce a scheme in the future.

The survey highlighted that schemes are most commonly used to encourage employees to “go the extra mile” and to boost staff engagement, with the majority of organisations that set these as an objective of their scheme saying that it helps achieve these goals.

The most common forms of reward offered under recognition programmes include certificates or plaques, as well as retail or gift vouchers. Some respondents said they offer vouchers of up to £250 in value, but the median value highlighted by the survey was £50.

Three-quarters of respondents said they had experienced some problems with their recognition schemes, which led XpertHR to advise that those introducing or reviewing a scheme:

  • ensure that employee interest in the scheme is maintained;
  • regularly encourage managers to make nominations;
  • review the budget for awards on a regular basis; and
  • think about the impact on employees who do not receive an award.

XpertHR pay and benefits editor Sheila Attwood said: “Recognition schemes can be a useful tool to aid engagement and boost motivation among employees. However, employers should ensure that the schemes are monitored for fairness and their ability to meet objectives.”

Full data from the survey is available from XpertHR.

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