Executive jobseekers in public sector and medicine still in demand

According to the latest executive jobs monitor from Experteer, the recession is leading to an erosion of vacancies in certain industries.

The data, drawn from a sample of 6,500 UK vacancies for senior executives over the last six months shows that the biggest relative declines in advertised vacancies were in the consulting and real estate sectors.

Meanwhile, relative job vacancies in the public sector and medicine rose by an impressive 13% and 10% respectively.
This follows the trend of recent months where consulting and real estate jobs have been steadily declining relative to other executive job vacancies since November.

Vacancies in Life Sciences and financial services have both remained relatively stable.
Torsten Muth, Managing Director of Experteer.co.uk, commented:

“Whilst there is no denying that it has never been tougher to secure a senior position, senior vacancies are still in existence in particular industries. Executives in the consulting and real estate professions should consider carefully whether their experience might be relevant to other job functions or other disciplines.”

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