Fair Care launch Green Car Scheme

Employee benefits provider Fair Care has just launched its brand new Green Car Scheme. Responding to the global challenges of climate change, the Government’s introduction of a starting 10% band for benefit in kind tax for low emission vehicles has made the provision of a car via a salary sacrifice scheme a very attractive proposition. TheGreen Car Scheme allows employers to introduce this valuable benefit at no net cost and with little administration or risk. The service is delivered through an advanced on-line quotation and fleet management system, significantly reducing the time and removing the hassle associated with running a fleet of company cars. Maintenance and insurance is conveniently included in the monthly cost, further reducing administration.

As manufacturers respond to changing demand, there is an ever increasing range of low emission vehicles that employees can choose from. The scheme can also be effective for higher-emission vehicles, thanks to the benefit of fleet and volume-related discounts, but the benefits reduce as the benefit in kind tax charge increases.

This innovative benefit from Fair Care is proving very popular amongst employees and at the same time is helping responsible employers take a big step towards encouraging green behaviour.

Philip Curtis, Managing Director, Fair Care UK commented…

“Our Green Car Scheme is firmly targeted toward lower emission vehicles as Fair Care is motivated by environmental concerns, however, the reality is that people still need cars. With the Green Car Scheme, it’s now easy and affordable for everyone to own a brand new ‘green’ car and do their bit for the environment.”

About Fair Care

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