Fashion retailer Claire’s launches campaign to promote retail industry jobs

Fashion accessories retailer Claire’s is launching a campaign which aims to challenge negative perceptions about working in the retail sector.

The campaign is being launched in Birmingham, home to the company’s head office. Links have been forged with The University of Central England and North West City Jobs, a Birmingham-based organisation which partners with businesses to help promote career opportunities to people from deprived areas. 

The event showcased the range of typical positions available at Claire’s including finance, buying and merchandising, IT, HR as well as working in the distribution centre.

Nicki Crossland, HR director at Claire’s, said: “So many people have an image of working in retail as either working on a checkout or standing on the shop floor. Our recruitment strategies over the past two years have shown these misconceptions mean that people often fail to realise the breadth of opportunities that exist in a retail business.

“We feel there is a need to educate people starting from school age about the scope of opportunity that exists in a career in retail where the environment is often fast-paced, exciting and challenging.” 

The company is looking at rolling out a schools’ speaking programme over the next six months, she added.

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