Flexibility and work-life balance put public sector on top

A career in the public sector is more rewarding and more suited to modern lifestyles than a career in the private sector, according to the results of a work satisfaction study.

The results of the study, conducted by pollsters YouGov on behalf of public sector website Inside Public, shows that eight out of 10 public sector workers find their jobs rewarding compared to only six out of 10 private sector workers.

“The public sector has an unfair reputation for bureaucratic and unfulfilling jobs,” said Sean Kemp, editor of Inside Public.

“But this study turns those stereotypes on their head and proves that working in the public sector can provide a very rewarding and satisfying career.”

YouGov interviewed almost 2,000 working age adults during October 2005.

The study also asked which factors would increase levels of satisfaction at work. The majority (67%) of both private and public sector workers said a pay rise would improve the quality of their working life.

And in a nod to the UK’s culture for long working hours, almost a quarter (23%) believed that working fewer hours would improve satisfaction levels.

“Benefits such as flexitime, homeworking and crche facilities are a reality for many public sector workers and just go to show how modern an employer public bodies have become,” said Kemp.

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