Football club manager sues for non-payment of severance pay

Andy King, the former manager at Swindon Town, has taken the football club to an employment tribunal to try to claim the wages he is owed, it emerged today.

King was sacked last September, and under the terms of his contract he was due to receive a year’s wages.

Swindon started to pay the money monthly because it did not have the funds to pay a lump sum, but stopped because it said it could not afford to keep up the payments.

Deputy chairman Mark Devlin says the club intends to eventually pay King the money he is owed.

“The club at the time obviously didn’t have the money to pay it in one big hit, so they began to pay it on a monthly basis,” he told BBC Radio Swindon. “There was a reassessment of where the money needed to go, and we haven’t paid Andy for two or three months now.

“He decided to take us to court which is totally understandable, it’s his prerogative. We do fully intend to pay Andy but we need to pay him when obviously the club has the money,” Devlin added.

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