Global recruitment software leader launches in Britain

Bullhorn, the global leader in on demand front office staffing and recruitment software, has launched in the UK by securing a major contract with technical resourcing specialist Talascend, which employs 1,100 staff worldwide.

Offering a complete resource for the recruitment business, Bullhorn achieves the fastest placement rates in the industry, with some clients achieving a doubling of placements and payback in less than one month. The software covers a recruiter’s every need from email and calendaring to sourcing, applicant tracking, candidate and client relationship management (CRM) and job management. It can be implemented by organisations of any size, and enables users to communicate and collaborate with contacts, candidates, colleagues and clients in real-time to generate, source and fill job orders, or make placements.

Barry Hinckley, president and co-founder of Bullhorn, comments:

“Recruitment is now a web-based sport, leveraging a world of online data from the likes of Monster, Googlemaps and LinkedIn to name a few. Organisations implement Bullhorn to gain a strategic advantage, because if you are not using a web-native, fully integrated recruitment system like Bullhorn, you are on the outside looking in. Furthermore, as a complete web-native solution, authorised users can access Bullhorn from anywhere and at any time, requiring only a browser and Internet connection.”

Having enjoyed growth of over 70% in the past five years, Bullhorn holds the largest market share in North America and already does around 20% of its business globally, in more than 30 countries. The organisation will use the UK as a base for further expansion into Europe, adding to its current client base of more than 1,400 organisations and 14,000 users.

Barry Hinckley continues:

“In addition to enabling complete, anytime access to all of an organisation’s business information, Bullhorn’s on-demand Software as a Service solution, makes it easy to launch new offices around the globe, requiring only a simple Internet connection.  Bullhorn also uses the latest Internet technologies, including a sophisticated worldwide network from Akamai to deliver real-time performance.”

Talascend has implemented Bullhorn to enable its employees to be more efficient and targeted in how they manage their database of over 300,000 candidates. The integrated front-office, which automatically files all emails, notes, documents and activity history with the appropriate candidate or client record and makes it available in one view, was a primary reason Talascend selected Bullhorn.

It has already provided measureable improvements, with 78% of Talascend staff reporting that they are more productive and efficient, with significantly reduced administrative work.

Russell Dalgleish, managing director Talascend, commented: “Using Bullhorn means less administrative work for our staff; we let the technology automatically track our notes, emails, CVs and other information with the relevant client and candidate files so it’s all on hand when we need it.”

Talascend’s recruiters and sales managers who rely on Bullhorn for all of their daily tasks report that it is fast and provides easy access to a wide array of functions, including candidate and client tracking.


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