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I’ve been an HR manager for five years and I’ve always had good reviews. Our HR director is about to retire and people internally say I should put myself forward for the job. However, I’m afraid that I would be out of my depth if I got it, and I’d feel publicly humiliated if I didn’t. What should I do?

Sometimes, it’s too easy to focus on what could go wrong. When you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, it is natural that some fears will surface. If you don’t go for this role, would you regret it? How well will you function in the long term if you are filled with regret?

You have to trust your first instincts and feelings about the opportunity. It may genuinely not be in your interests to pursue it. There may be things that you enjoy in your current role that you may not get to do as an HR director. If you are getting all that you need from your current job, then you should not feel under pressure to move.

But what would happen if it were to work out fine? If you can think like this for a moment and enjoy the feeling of imagining yourself in the role, then it could be what your heart wants. The key question to ask yourself is how much do you want it? Let’s assume you were offered the job and you took steps to make sure you were not out of your depth – would you enjoy it? Would you bring something to the role that is needed?

First, if you strip away your concerns and it feels right to go for it, then look at what you could do to enhance your chances of securing the role and succeeding in it. If your company would like to see you succeed in the role, they are unlikely to deny you the help you require.

Second, evaluate your natural strengths and imagine how you could use them to be successful in the position. You have had a history of good reviews as a manager so you clearly have strengths in the HR field. It might also be useful to consider what your colleagues see in you that makes them think you would be a good fit.

Third, look at your personal aspirations within the role. What would you like to do differently for the organisation that has not been done before? You would have an opportunity to put your own individual stamp on the role rather than feeling that you have to replicate the style of the current HR director.

So, what you need to do is weigh things up. If it feels right, go for it.

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Marielena Sabatier
Executive coach and co-founder, Inspiring Potential

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