Graduates enjoy better rates of pay and employment

Graduates are faring well in the labour market, on average enjoying higher pay and a lower risk of unemployment, according to new statistics published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Foundation degrees are also proving to be an increasingly successful route into rewarding careers for many young people.

Minister for higher and further education Bill Rammell said: “This is a good time to be a graduate. This survey gives early indications that graduates who have studied shorter, more vocationally oriented courses such as Foundation Degrees are less likely to be unemployed than other graduates.

“This is encouraging as most of the future growth in university expansion will come through these courses. Only 3% of foundation degree students were unemployed 6 months after graduating.”
Just six months after leaving university graduates are already earning on average £17,000 per year, the statistics show.

“Across the labour market, graduate unemployment rates are around half of those for people without higher education qualifications. With a foot on the lifelong learning ladder, most graduates go on to enjoy the more flourishing and satisfying careers,” Rammel added.

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