Hands-on learning touches a nerve with employees

Being shown how to do things has been rated as the best way to learn according to the latest CIPD Who Learns at Work? survey.

But HR is playing a less important role than before, as line managers are increasingly seen as the driving force behind training initiatives.

The Chartered Insititute of Personnel and Development found that 46% of respondents rated “being show how to do things” as the best way of learning. This method was favoured by the 16- to 24-year-old age group especially, with 50% of them saying it was their preferred way to learn.

The report said this served to question the widely held assumption that GenerationY learns in a different way.

However, despite this learning preference, the survey found classroom training was the most common form of work-related learning, followed by on-the-job training.

CIPD learning adviser Martyn Sloman said: “Trainers are no longer the sun around which learner planets revolve. Employees have a preference for more active learning opportunities. They certainly don’t like solitary or unsupported learning.”

The CIPD said the report indicated a continuing shift in responsibility for training decisions in UK organisations – from HR departments to line managers. The percentage of respondents stating that the training they received was initiated by their employer’s HR and/or training department fell from 33% in 2005 to 21% in 2008. Line managers now instigate 49% of training, according to the survey.

Of the 750 respondents to the online survey, 79% said their employer provided them with enough training opportunities and 92% said the training they had received had been successful.

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