HCMI bursaries available at ISHCM

VaLUENTiS’ International School of Human Capital Management has announced that there is one private sector bursary and one public sector bursary left for the HCMI programme, commencing in January, each worth £2,500 meaning that the cost of the HCMI course reduces to £3,250.

The offer remains open until 5 December 2007 and those interested are advised to contact the admissions team on 020 7887 6121 as soon as possible to apply. The new part-time practitioner-based qualification begins its inaugural class on 16 January 2008.

The HCMI qualification is designed to complement the existing CIPD qualification by acknowledging and building on its sound academic basis, and by incorporating new areas of knowledge that have emerged. There is a more strategic focus to the material, recognising the increasing demands of enterprises in both the public and private sectors. Being practitioner based it centres along problem-based learning, whilst drawing on more internationally-based and wider-organisational research/cases. 

Dean of the School, Nicholas J Higgins, stated that “We are really pleased that our new qualification has attracted experienced practitioners from a variety of organisational backgrounds. This is an exciting development in the HR profession and I’m very positive that those taking part will realise the value of their time and investment. The bursaries are a fantastic prize for those who can claim it.

“The HCMI qualification caters for both public and private sectors through a blended learning programme that makes full use of world class, case-based material from the likes of Harvard etc. I am sure that the experience will set a new standard of learning and advance the careers of those taking part. There is always going to be something special about the inaugural programme so why miss out? ”

The HCMI qualification is open to both CIPD members (directly) and non-CIPD executives, (subject to entry qualification for the latter). Practitioners first complete a foundation module before going onto complete eight subject modules split across four core disciplines.

A further ‘technical application’ module completes the programme. There are four grades, Associate (AHCMI), Practitioner (PHCMI), Master (MHCMI) and Doctor (DrHCMI). Practitioners are then expected to successfully attend mandatory CPD annual events that keep them informed of latest developments and research.

A more detailed guide and syllabus together with supplemental materials can be downloaded from www.ISHCM.com.

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