HDA observe rise in requests for employee engagement consultancy services

Over recent months HDA has noted a rise in the number of organisations requesting information on our Employee Engagement Consultancy Services and we believe this increase reflects reactions to the expected changes in the economic climate. 

Successful organisations are consistently looking at new and improved ways to attract and retain key talent, however less focus has traditionally been placed on enhancing the engagement levels of staff that are effectively ‘inert’ within the organisation. 

This is set to change. 

Extraneous factors have a considerable impact on levels of staff inertia. 

Over the coming year, unemployment is expected to rise to its highest level for almost a decade as the economy continues to deteriorate,  consequently so too will the number of staff remaining in roles and organisations where they are unhappy and de-motivated. 

So moving forward, a critical strategic focus will be to incorporate into current talent management strategies an understanding as to how these employees can be engaged to succeed and thereby continue to add value to the organisation. 

Through our experience of providing support in this area there are 5 key factors that organisations should consider upfront when focusing on engagement as part of their Talent Management strategy:

  • Have a full understand what you are trying to achieve and why.

  • Recognise the role that line managers play in enhancing engagement levels.

  • Be realistic about what you can and will do to enhance engagement levels.

  • Gain buy-in from senior management.

  • Be committed to acting on the results of an engagement survey

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