Holidays spark thoughts of greener pastures

Nearly a third of employees plan to cancel their tickets
home when they take their next vacation or quit their jobs immediately after
they return to work, according to a survey.

The research by reveals that almost two thirds of
employees fantasise about resigning but feel obliged to go back to their old

Only three per cent of the 793 respondents surveyed confess that
they look forward to returning home after their vacation.

In a separate survey run by, which asked people
why they quit their jobs, 35 per cent blame lack of job satisfaction, 27 per
cent say they do not get on with their boss or colleagues and a further 27 per
cent cite poor pay and conditions.

Kauser Kanji, founder of, believes that
holidays give people time to reflect on whether they are happy at work.

He added, “However unless these thoughts are related to a
good sense of how one’s career should develop and become part of a serious
plan, it’s nothing for employers to worry about. Only a handful of these people
will actually quit within a few weeks of their holiday. On the other hand you
can never be too good to your employees at any time of year.”

By Ben Willmott


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