HR professionals moonlight as coaches to supplement incomes

HR managers and directors are among the UK professionals moonlighting as coaches to generate extra income.

Teachers, doctors, personnel trainers and estate agents are also turning to second jobs to boost their pay packets, according to The Coaching Academy.

Latest figures show that more than 16,500 attended the organisation’s introductory seminars on coaching – a 148% year-on-year increase. And 720 people went on to sign up to the Coaching Academy Advanced Diploma in the past year – a 20% increase compared to the year before.

According to the organisation, which claims to be the largest coaching academy in Europe, small business coaches can earn around £1,000 per day, while corporate and executive coaches can earn in excess of £2,000 per day.

Life coaches can also notch up £100 per hour and often work flexible hours between 5-9pm in the evening after their normal day jobs.

Coaching Academy managing director Bev James said: “It is the ideal way to supplement the income of your day job. You can work in the day job and then see private clients outside of your primary work commitments. Having said that, a number of self-employed people utilise coaching as a means of creating steady cashflow.”

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