Hudson launch complimentary psychometric test

In a market where companies cannot afford to make mistakes with new hires, Hudson, a global provider of recruitment and talent management services, has launched a complimentary psychometric test for candidates as part of its standard permanent recruitment offering.

The Business Attitudes Questionnaire (BAQ) has been introduced to help clients reduce the risk of recruitment and is subject to no commitment from the client.

In a groundbreaking move it will be available to all clients for no charge.

Christine Raynaud, CEO UK & Ireland, comments:

“The cost of making the wrong hire has never been greater than in today’s economic climate. As the war for talent changes to a hunt for talent, recruitment decisions are harder to make than ever before with applicant numbers rising so sharply. Good selection methods are critical to help organisations limit the risk of their hiring decision.

“Recruitment agencies are often seen as a necessary evil but the BAQ will give clients more confidence that they are making the right hire and limiting their risk of making the wrong investment.”

All candidates put forward by Hudson will undergo the thirty-minute psychometric test, which has been in development since 2001 and has already been used by 70,000 candidates worldwide.

A report, identifying potential strengths and weaknesses to probe at interview, will then be sent to the client. As with all psychometric tests, there are no right or wrong answers and no good or bad results but the report will enable the recruiter to conduct a more thorough interview.

Candidates will also benefit from the BAQ. It helps them to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge to be better prepared for interviews. They can also be reassured that any role they accept via Hudson will be a good match for them.

Raynaud concludes:

“No matter how thorough the screening and selection process, it is hard to predict how well someone will fit into the organisational culture and ultimately how they will deliver. A CV can only go so far and in fact a strong one might lead people to make up their mind before seeing the candidate face to face.

“Using a psychometric test like the BAQ will give greater in-depth understanding of the individual – helping select someone with the right competencies for your organisation.”

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